Blueberry Ridge Farm

We are a family run farm that has been growing organic blueberries since 1983.  Part of what makes us different from other farms is that we have complete quality control of every stage of processing.  We are the grower, picker, from scratch pie maker and shipper.
Welcome to Blueberry Ridge Farm.  It all began in 1983, when Lynn and Gary Haase started growing our family business. Through the years, Blueberry Ridge Farm has grown to become a leader in the field of organic blueberries.

It's time to order one of our 4 lb. organic gourmet fruit pies. We craft the organic pies at our farm using harvested certified Organic and Kosher Blueberries. Our flaky crusts are made with real organic butter. Blueberry Ridge Farm's organic pies contain no preservatives, artificial flavors or chemical additives. All our organic pies are ready for you to bake.

For twenty eight years, our farm secrets have been hard work, innovation and a total commitment to our customers. A case in point: it seemed a pity to Lynn that our organic blueberries couldn't be enjoyed year-round.  So we went to work and helped pioneer the process of dehydrating organic blueberries in Oregon. 
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